Rose in the dark

Nothing matters most than the void. The void before flesh and fantasies, before water and wails, before thoughts and trails. And yet we run around things that aren’t important at all. That’s what makes us human. We seek truth even if it doesn’t exist at all, even if it doesn’t fit in the larger schemes of things. But the question arises, what is large? What is true? What is relevant? There has never been a single answer for these questions in our deciphered history nor there will be. It’s not these questions that brought us here, but the ever changing answers to these questions. As humans we are always evolving, physically and mentally, and setting up new morals and meaning to make sense of this world, or rather, our time in this world. We will never get a fully satisfactory answer to the most basic questions because we are incapable of understanding them. We shall continue to wave in the Mist of life and stumble upon certain things which we may initially think are the solutions but on closer look we shall count it as another fault. The fight with our faults has driven us till here and will shall continue on the journey that us humans have embarked upon.

“The sleep shall show you the brightest of lies, The carcass will stare to the truth he hides ”



Scribbling sentences which are in solidarity with solitude.

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